Apr 292011


Tantra is a school of thought and spiritual practice that allows us to explore the multi-dimensions of spiritual energy in our bodies. Though it often emphasizes the relationship between masculine and feminine, Genderqueer Tantra allows us to PLAY with masculine and feminine energies without getting caught up in rigid gender limitations. Join Tantra and SM practitioner Alex Jade for an interactive workshop that will introduce you to the basic Tantra concepts and invite you to deepen your sexual experiences, increase awareness of the body and mind using sensations from subtle to bold.

Where:   LGBT Center, 208 West 13th St. (7th/8th Ave)
When:    Thursday, May 12, 2011; 8:00-10:00PM  (Note: Thursday, not our usual Friday)
Cost:     $5/LSM members, $10/Non members

About Alex Jade

Alex Jade, MSW is an erotic educator, sacred intimate, psychotherapist, and student of Tantra.  She is on the faculty of the Body Electric School and she has produced and taught independent workshops in Seattle for over 15 years.  She has mastery in clothes-off hands-on experiential erotic education and the use of ritual as a healing tool.  Alex’s specialties are gender exploration, classical Tantra, SM, and exploring with an open heart and mind.