NY Community Events


Desire Party

Produced by Poly Patao Productions, Desire is a hot, intimate, politically conscious play party in Brooklyn. It is a relaxed home atmosphere and great vibe. This party is a gathering of kinky and kinky curious people (beginners, experts, voyeurs and exhibitionists). This party is open to kinky and kinky-curious queer women, gender-queer, transgender, multi-gender, gender non-conforming, gender variant People of Color, their allies, friends and lovers. This party is not currently open to non-trans men but you can refer to their seasonal party called PHUK IT! You must RSVP to attend.

Leather Invasion Leather Invasion Leather Invasion is a BDSM social group which seeks to create new and alternative social and cultural activities for those interested in the love, camaraderie and kinship of the Leather/Fetish lifestyle. They are open to all folks — gay, straight, young, old, male, female or just plain curious. Check out their website for their next event.

Leather Pride Night - LPN

Leather Pride Night The Leather Pride Night Auction was established in 1982 to raise funds at an annual auction in New York City to benefit Heritage of Pride, the producers of the annual Gay Pride Parade. In addition to HOP, LPN donates funds to organizations which create, promote and support projects that benefit the s/m-leather-fetish community or further the rights of adults to any private sexual expression that is safe, sane and consensual. This year’s Leather Pride Night is on Saturday, June 16, 2012. Visit their website or contact them for more details on how to volunteer, donate items and get involved with Leather Pride Night!
Submit Party Submit PartySubmit is a sex/play party, hosted by Red and Felice, for lesbian, dyke, straight, bisexual and transsexual women & XX-transgender-bois, trans-boys and transmen FTMs. About 50 to 100 women and trans folks come to fuck and play and watch and meet and flirt at every party. Visit their website for more information and to keep in the loop for future events.
Submit Party SPAM Sex Party A play party where dykes, fags, bisexuals and transgender folks get together for a sexually charged underwear party. This party happens once a month in Brooklyn, usually every third Saturday. You can check out the SUBMIT website (under “Welcome to SPAM”) for more information.
SWITCH SWITCH SWITCH is a monthly women/trans/genderqueer BDSM play party that happens every 3rd Friday of the month (In many cases, directly after LSM’s monthly demos!). Admission is $10, in the back room behind closed doors at Paddles, 250 West 26th Street. No experience necessary. No participation required. They won’t beat you up unless you ask for it. For more info, write to Switchofthemonth@gmail.com.