LSM Safety & Orientation

The Lesbian Sex Mafia (LSM) is a member-driven organization with an elected Board of Officers. LSM Membership is open to all women 18 years of age or older, including transsexual and intersexed women who live their daily lives as women and all female-born transgender people who feel they have a connection with and respect for the women’s community. All mentions of “women” on our website and in the by-laws should be interpreted inclusively to apply equally to female-born transgender people who feel they have a connection with and respect for the women’s community.

Experience is not required, but a genuine interest and an open mind are. Women who do not have a personal interest or who are motivated merely by curiosity, personal gain, fashion, or professional research are not appropriate members.

Benefits of Membership

Why Join? LSM is a member-based organization. Without your support, we cannot provide the educational opportunities (and hot parties) you’ve enjoyed over the years. In addition to supporting New York’s oldest women-only BDSM organization, you also get:

For information about additional membership benefits, check out the benefits page.

If you have any questions about LSM or other BDSM-related topics, feel free to contact one of our “Newbie Wranglers.” Newbie Wranglers will be introduced at the Safety and Orientation Meeting and regular meetings. And of course, you can always e-mail us with any questions you might have about membership.

How to Become a Member

There are three important steps to become an LSM Member.

  • First, complete a Membership Application (PDF). Pay your membership dues and receive a membership card. Congratulations, you are now an LSM Pledge!
  • Second, you must attend a Safety and Orientation Meeting and get your membership card signed. We announce our upcoming meetings on our email list, Fetlife group and Facebook page.
  • Third, attend an LSM meeting or volunteer at an LSM activity and show your signed card to the Membership Coordinator.

That’s it!


  • Sign up between January and August and dues are $30 ($20 for students)
  • Sign up between September and December and dues are $20 ($10 for students)

Download the  Membership Application

Please note: memberships expire at the end of the calendar year.

So, what are you waiting for? You can become an LSM Pledge today! Complete the Membership Application (PDF) and send a check made out to “LSM-NYC” for your annual dues to:

LSM c/o The LGBT Center
208 West 13th Street
New York, NY 10011

To receive information about the next Safety and Orientation meeting, you can write us an e-mail at: You’ll be added to the LSM announcement list and start receiving information about all upcoming LSM events shortly. You can check out the LSM Google Calendar for the latest, as well.