View the 2023 LSM Board below.

Chair: Vacant

Chairs and develops the agenda for LSM board meetings. Ensures proper scheduling of all LSM events. Coordinates the smooth integration of the various activities and committees. ‘President’ for purposes of incorporation.

Secretary: Lem

Keeps and distributes meeting minutes. Records changes in policies and procedures. Keeps monthly minutes and distributes them to Board electronically. ‘Secretary’ for purposes of incorporation.

Treasurer: Vesper

Maintains LSM’s bank account, receives and disburses LSM funds, and supplies regular financial reports including yearly financial statements. Maintains incorporation status and apprises officers of related requirements. Collects door fees and coordinates merchandise and ticket sales. ‘Treasurer’ for purposes of incorporation.

Membership Coordinator: Sigrid

Compiles, maintains and updates lists and mailing information for pledges, active and inactive members, and those declined membership. Tracks dates and attendees of Orientation and Safety Workshops.

Tech Coordinator: Erin

Maintains website, server and domain names. Runs Discord server. Updates the website calendar and various links with input from other officers. Handles LSM’s overall tech needs.

Communications/Media Coordinator: Emilie

Serves as first contact for all individuals contacting LSM and for all media contacts. Sends LSM information to the LSM newsletter and social media accounts. Creates and sends LSM meeting and event PR materials for publication.

Party Coordinator: M-

Coordinates LSM play parties. Develops and promotes socials with input from LSM officers and members.

Archivist: Vacant

Saves all LSM materials, PR, Calendars and Promotional Materials. Copies data to USB and when available coordinates appropriate materials to be sent to the Leather Archives and the Lesbian Herstory Archives.

Volunteer Coordinator: New Position

Coordinates the many people who want to volunteer for LSM for both long and short term projects.

Graphics: New Position

Creates or manages others who create images for LSM including demos, monthly infographics, munches, sloshes, and more for Instagram, eventbrite, twitter, facebook, and more.