Lesbian Sex Mafia Presents Chemical Play with Vixxen, Fri., Nov. 20


    Chemical play can be a unique and fun additive to your play. It can be a means to an end, or the end itself. What is chemical play? It is the practice of mixing food grade oils and grain alcohol in varying intensities and spraying the mixture on various parts of the human anatomy. Why do this? Because it’s fun! It elicits different sensations, depending on the strength of the mixture used, which oils it contains, where you spray it, and how many sprays you apply. Some sensations produced include: burning, cooling, tingling, drooling, pain, orgasm, and combinations.

    Chemical play can be the sole purpose of your play or you can add it to impact play to take it up a notch. There are a few safety concerns, which will be addressed, including how to allergy test your victims…I mean partners! Chemical play can be used for pleasure, punishment, or fun-ishment. It’s all in how you choose to use this wonderful kink!

    This class will cover the basics-what chemical play is about, how to play safely, how to make and keep your own chemical kit, and how to clean up. Come on out and get sprayin’!

    Safety Note – there will be live chemical sprays used in this class. People with extreme allergies should be aware of the possibility of overspray, transference and inhalation.

    Open to all women 18 years of age or older including gay, straight, bi, and transgender and intersexed women who live their daily lives as women, and all female-born transgender persons who have a connection with and respect for the women’s community.

    Date & Time: Friday, Nov. 20, 2015 8:00-10:00 PM
    Location: The LGBT Center, 208 West 13th St. (bet. 7th/8th Ave.), NYC
    Cost: $10

    About Vixxen

    “I discovered FetLife in 2013 and found a place to call home. I have been kinky my whole adult life but thought I was strange. What a wonderful experience to find a whole lot of people like me! I experimented with everything-I wanted to try it all! I found my place as a Sadist, a Dominant, and a mentor. I am a heavy impact player and my weapons of choice? My Dragon Tail, Widow Maker and Purple People Beater. Yum! Feel free to ask! I also relish chemical play, CBT, knife play, protocol, behavior modification, and more. I recently began holding impromptu classes at events, a kind of toy-bag-show-and-tell-and-demonstrate. I find BDSM fascinating, particularly the mental side. But I firmly believe the foundation of kink is the basics-communication, education, and courtesy. I am polyamorous and I attend many local events/munches and co-host a poly group meet up every month.”

    About Lesbian Sex Mafia

    Lesbian Sex Mafia (http://www.lesbiansexmafia.org) (LSM) is a social and educational organization for women and transfolk who have a positive personal interest in BDSM with other women. Our tenets are safety, consensuality, confidentiality and the right of women to explore their sexuality as they choose.

    LSM reserves the right to deny admission to non-members it has reason to believe will not abide by the LSM principles of safety, consensuality and confidentiality.