LSM Presents: Intro to Bottoming for Rope

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Friday, October 16, 2020, 8:00PM
@ Online, via Invite Link
Cost: $10 Non-Members, $5 Members

In this class, Anya Demure will discuss important bottoming skills such as body awareness, communication, and vetting. She will also touch on physical and emotional aspects of safety before, after, and during a scene.

This class is for tops, bottoms, and switches alike! These skills are valuable for everyone, so come one come all! In addition to the discussion, there will be a hands on portion where we practice some of these skills, so if you wish to participate, please bring a partner who can tie you, and some rope! If you don’t have a partner, you can still practice on yourself.


Anya Demure is a rope bondage practitioner, educator, and performer who practices rope primarily through personal kink, as a model and through self tying. She harbors a passion for creating and embodying aesthetically interesting body shapes, and delights in enduring physically challenging rope experiences. For her, rope bondage is endurance, sex, exercise, community, movement, art, collaboration, and mutual experience. She is also dedicated to promoting bottom-inclusive education and presentation, and fostering safe, friendly, and encouraging environments for people to learn rope. She has been fortunate to teach, tie, and be tied in various communities in the US and abroad, but calls Brooklyn home.