LSM Presents: Introduction to Scene Building – Mood Setting & Intentional Mood Use

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Friday, May 15, 2020, 8:00PM
@ Online, via Invite Link
Cost: Free, $10 Donations Welcome


Join us for a workshop on scene building – a topic that isn’t commonly discussed, we all know building a memorable scene isn’t always easy or intuitive for everyone!

This workshop will discuss the basics to creating a smooth scene: understanding scene vs. session, importance of mood and tone and intentional tool use.

We’ll talk about the nuances of a play scene, a scene point-of-departure and some tips for future scene creating.



Meet Lady Euphoria: NYC Power Dynamic Practitioner & Kink Educator serving the BDSM Community through providing novice accessible workshops with a comprehensive hands-on and group approach. Lady Euphoria has experience as a lifestyle and pro-dominatrix working with couples and kinksters of various levels, abilities, and genders. Her goal is to make kink education: safe, comprehensive, and humane. She offers mindfulness, growth-focused, and intention-based D/S dynamic BDSM experiences.